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Designing jockey silks

During a race a jockey wears a colourful jacket and hat. These are called jockey silks or racing colours. Every racehorse owner has a unique pattern for their silks. The owner has to register their colours with a company called 'Weatherbys'.You can tell where a horse is in a race by looking at the colours and patterns of the silks worn by the jockey.

Using the template provided (or draw your own by hand or computer) design a new set of silks (jacket and cap) for a jockey.

Look around the museum. You can see many examples to give you inspiration. You will need to think about the following:

  • colours (why you have chosen them)

  • pattern

  • fabric

  • design - the cut and shape, fastening

  • properties - weight, cool, warm, waterproof etc.

Label your design clearly with special or unique details.

As a guide this during-visit activity can link well to the following National Curriculum programmes of study: KS1 & 2 English KS1 & 2 Art and Design.

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