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Game of Chance

Lottery and Red Rum are going to race in The Grand National.

They have run together in 20 races before this one. Red Rum has won 15 of them. Lottery has won 5 of them. It is therefore more likely that Red Rum will win The Grand National. But you can never be sure who will win. Something might happen - for instance Red Rum may trip or collide with a spectator. It is unlikely that these things will happen and it is likely that Red Rum will win. But we cannot be certain. You do not know who is going to win this game. It is a game of chance.

You will need a partner, two counters and a dice. You will need to print the game sheet to play The Grand National - A Game of Chance.

Game instructions

  1. Write down who you think is more likely to win
  2. One player puts a counter on Lottery. The other puts a counter on Red Rum.
  3. Take it in turns to throw the dice. It does not matter who throws first. If either partner throws a 3, Lottery jumps and wins. If either partner throws any other number Red Rum moves to the next circle.
  4. Play the game 20 times. After each game, make a note of the winner.
  5. After 20 games count up who won the most. Was your initial guess correct?
  6. Show your results in a pie chart of 20 slices (one for each game). Colour the pie chart to show the result of your game.
  7. Do you think the same horse would win if you played 100 games? Give reasons for your answer.

As a guide this pre-visit activity can link well to the following National Curriculum programmes of study: Link KS3 Mathematics - Ma4 Handling data - Link KS3 PSHE - use as a starting point for classroom discussion about gambling activities, what it is, why it is attractive to some people and the associated risks.

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