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This information has been carefully compiled but you are advised to double check the data with printed sources as the Museum cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Please note that, for example, Edward VII is always listed with this title (for cross referencing purposes) even though at the time of some of his wins he was still the Prince of Wales - this applies to several individuals who inherited or were given titles in the course of their racing careers.

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First race: 1779
Usual Location: Epsom Downs, Surrey
Current Distance: 1 mile 4 furlongs
Age: 3 year old Fillies
Weight: 9 stone

The Oaks was inaugurated three years after the first St Leger. It was founded by the 12th Earl of Derby and named after his Epsom house. He won the first Oaks with Bridget.

Although the Oaks is a Fillies' classic, they can also run in the Derby, but rarely do so today as the races are run on successive days. However, Eleanor won the Derby for Sir Charles Bunbury in 1801 and went on to win the Oaks the very next day. Others to win both races were Blink Bonny (1857), Signorinetta (1908) and Fifinella (1916), whose races were at Newmarket due to the War.
Date Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1779 Bridget R Goodisson Saunders Lord Derby
1780 Teetotum R Goodisson - T Douglas
1781 Faith R Goodisson J Pratt Lord Grosvenor
1782 Ceres S Chifney J Pratt Lord Grosvenor
1783 Maid of the Oaks S Chifney J Pratt Lord Grosvenor
1784 Stella C Hindley - P Burlton
1785 Trifle J Bird J Pratt Lord Clermont
1786 Yellow Filly J Edwards R Prince Sir F Standish
1787 Annette D Fitzpatrick J Watson R Vernon
1788 Nightshade D Fitzpatrick F Neale Lord Egremont
1789 Tag S Chifney F Neale Lord Egremont
1790 Hippolyta S Chifney M Stephenson Duke of Bedford
1791 Portia J Singleton Jnr M Stephenson Duke of Bedford
1792 Volante C Hindley J Pratt Lord Clermont
1793 Celia J Singleton Jnr M Stephenson Duke of Bedford
1794 Hermione S Arnull Saunders Lord Derby
1795 Platina D Fitzpatrick F Neale Lord Egremont
1796 Parissot J Arnull R Prince Sir F Standish
1797 Nike F Buckle J Pratt Lord Grosvenor
1798 Bellissima F Buckle R Prince J H Durand
1799 Bellina F Buckle J Pratt Lord Grosvenor
1800 Ephemera D Fitzpatrick F Neale Lord Egremont
1801 Eleanor J Saunders J Frost Sir C Bunbury
1802 Scotia F Buckle R Robson J Wastell
1803 Theophania F Buckle S King Sir T Gascoigne
1804 Pelisse W Clift R Robson Duke of Grafton
1805 Meteora F Buckle R Robson Lord Grosvenor
1806 Bronze W Edwards R D Boyce B Craven
1807 Briseis S Chifney Jnr R Robson T Grosvenor
1808 Morel W Clift R Robson Duke of Grafton
1809 Maid of Orleans J Moss R Robson Gen Leveson Gower
1810 Oriana W Peirse W Peirse Sir W Gerard
1811 Sorcery S Chifney Jnr R Robson Duke of Rutland
1812 Manuella W Peirse W Peirse W N W Hewett
1813 Music T Goodisson R Robson Duke of Grafton
1814 Medora S Barnard R D Boyce Duke of Rutland
1815 Minuet T Goodisson R Robson Duke of Grafton
1816 Landscape S Chifney Jnr R Robson Gen Leveson Gower
1817 Neva F Buckle R D Boyce G Watson
1818 Corinne F Buckle R Robson J Udny
1819 Shoveler S Chifney Jnr W Chifney T Thornhill
1820 Caroline H Edwards R Stephenson Lord Egremont
1821 Augusta J Robinson R Prince Jnr Lord Exeter
1822 Pastille H Edwards R Robson Duke of Grafton
1823 Zinc F Buckle R Robson Duke of Grafton
1824 Cobweb J Robinson J Edwards Lord Jersey
1825 Wings S Chifney Jnr R Robson T Grosvenor
1826 Lilias T Lye J Forth J Forth
1827 Gulnare F Boyce J Kent Duke of Richmond
1828 Turquoise J B Day R Stephenson Duke of Grafton
1829 Green Mantle G Dockeray C Marson Lord Exeter
1830 Variation G Edwards R Pettit S Stonehewer
1831 Oxygen J B Day R Stephenson Duke of Grafton
1832 Galata P Conolly C Marson Lord Exeter
1833 Vespa J Chapple H Scott Sir M Wood
1834 Pussy J B Day W Day T Cosby
1835 Queen of Trumps T Lye J Blenkhorn E L Mostyn
1836 Cyprian W Scortt J Scott J Scott
1837 Miss Letty J Holmes I Blades T O Powlett
1838 Industry W Scott J Scott Lord Chesterfield
1839 Deception J B Day W Treen F Craven
1840 Crucifix J B Day J B Day Lord G Bentinck
1841 Ghuznee W Scott J Scott Lord Westminster
1842 Our Nell T Lye T Dawson G Dawson
1843 Poison F Butler R Fisher G S Ford
1844 The Princess F Butler J Scott G Anson
1845 Refraction H Bell J Kent Jnr Duke of Richmond
1846 Mendicant S Day J B Day J Gully
1847 Miami S Templeman W Beresford Sir Joseph Hawley
1848 Cymbra S Templeman J Day H Hill
1849 Lady Evelyn F Butler T Taylor Lord Chesterfield
1850 Rhedycina F Butler W Goodwin G Hobson
1851 Iris F Butler J Scott Lord Stanley
1852 Songstress F Butler J Scott J Scott
1853 Catherine Hayes C Marlow Mathew Dawson J D Wauchope
1854 Mincemeat J Charlton W Goodwin W Cookson
1855 Marchioness S Templeman J Scott W H Rudston Read
1856 Mincepie A Day J Day H Hill
1857 Blink Bonny J Charlton W I'Anson W I'Anson
1858 Governess T Ashmall T Eskrett G W Gratwicke
1859 Summerside G Fordham T Taylor Lord Londesborough
1860 Butterfly J Snowden G Oates R Eastwood
1861 Brown Duchess L Snowden J Saxon J Saxon
1862 Feu de Joie T Chaloner J Godding R C Naylor
1863 Queen Bertha T Aldcroft J Scott Lord Falmouth
1864 Fille de l'Air A Edwards Thomas Jennings Count Frederic de Lagrange
1865 Regalia J Norman W Harlock W Graham
1866 Tormentor J mann C Blanton B Ellam
1867 Hippia J Daley J Hayhoe Baron M de Rothschild
1868 Formosa G Fordham H Woolcott W Graham
1869 Brigantine Thomas Cannon Snr W Day Sir F Johnstone
1870 Gamos G Fordham H Woolcott W Graham
1871 Hannah C Maidment J Hayhoe Baron M de Rothschild
1872 Reine G Fordham T Jennings C J Lefevre
1873 Marie Stuart T Cannon Robert Peck J Merry
1874 Apology John Osborne William Osborne J W King
1875 Spinaway Frederick Archer Mathew Dawson Lord Falmouth
1876 Camelia T Glover T Cunnington Count Frederic de Lagrange
(deadheat) Enguerrande unknown    unknown    A Lupin
1877 Placida H Jeffery J Marsh J Fiennes
1878 Jannette Frederick Archer Mathew Dawson Lord Falmouth
1879 Wheel of Fortune Frederick Archer Mathew Dawson Lord Falmouth
1880 Jenny Howlet J Snowden W I'Anson Jnr C Perkins
1881 Thebais G Fordham A Taylor Snr W S Crawfurd
1882 Geheimniss T Cannon John Porter Lord Stamford
1883 Bonny Jean John Watts J Cannon Lord Rosebery
1884 Busybody Thomas Cannon Snr Thomas Cannon Snr G A Baird
1885 Lonely Frederick Archer W Gilbert Jnr Lord Cadogan
1886 Miss Jummy John Watts Richard Marsh Duke of Hamilton
1887 Reve d'Or Charles Wood A Taylor Snr Duke of Beaufort
1888 Seabreeze William Robinson James Jewitt Lord Calthorpe
1889 L'Abbesse de Jouarre J Woodburn Robert Sherwood Lord R Churchill
1890 Memoir John Watts George Dawson 6th Duke of Portland
1891 Mimi Frederick Rickaby Mathew Dawson N Fenwick
1892 La Fleche George Barrett John Porter Baron Maurice de Hirsch
1893 Mrs Butterwick John Watts George Dawson 6th Duke of Portland
1894 Amiable W Bradford George Dawson 6th Duke of Portland
1895 La Sagesse Samuel Loates Martin Gurry Sir James Miller
1896 Canterbury Pilgrim Frederick Rickaby Hon George Lambton 16th Earl of Derby
1897 Limasol Walter Bradford T Jennings Jnr Lord Hindlip
1898 Airs and Graces Walter Bradford F W Day W T Jones
1899 Musa Herbert Madden Harry Enoch D Baird
1900 La Roche Herbert Cannon John Porter 6th Duke of Portland
1901 Cap and Bells II M Henry Samuel Darling F R Keene
1902 Sceptre Herbert Randall Robert Sievier Robert Sievier
1903 Our Lassie Herbert Cannon Charles Morton Jack Joel
1904 Pretty Polly William Lane Peter Gilpin Major Eustace Loder
1905 Cherry Lass Herbert Jones William Robinson 1st Lord Wavertree
1906 Keystone II Daniel Maher Hon George Lambton 16th Earl of Derby
1907 Glass Doll Herbert Randall Charles Morton Jack Joel
1908 Signorinetta Charles Bullock Chevalier Edoardo Ginistrelli Chevalier Edoardo Ginistrelli
1909 Perola Frank Wootton G S Davies W Cooper
1910 Rosedrop C Trigg Alec Taylor William Bass
1911 Cherimoya F N Winter C Marsh W B Cloete
1912 Mirska Joseph Childs T Jennings Jnr J Prat
1913 Jest Frederick Rickaby Jnr Charles Morton Jack Joel
1914 Princess Dorrie W Huxley Charles Morton Jack Joel
1915 Snow Marten Walter Griggs Peter Gilpin L Neumann
1916 Fifinella Joseph Childs Richard Dawson Sir Edward Hulton
1917 Sunny Jane Herbert Madden Alec Taylor 2nd Viscount Waldorf Astor
1918 My Dear Stephen Donoghue Alec Taylor Alfred Cox
1919 Bayuda Joseph Childs Alec Taylor Lady James Douglas
1920 Charlebelle Albert Whalley H Braime Alan Cunliffe
1921 Love in Idleness Joseph Childs Alec Taylor J Watson
1922 Pogrom Edward Gardner Alec Taylor 2nd Viscount Waldorf Astor
1923 Brownhylda V Smyth Richard Dawson Vicomte de Fontarce
1924 Straitlace Francis O'Neill Mathew Waugh Sir Edward Hulton
1925 Saucy Sue Francis Bullock Alec Taylor 2nd Viscount Waldorf Astor
1926 Short Story R A Jones Alec Taylor 2nd Viscount Waldorf Astor
1927 Beam Thomas Weston Frank Butters 3rd Earl of Durham
1928 Toboggan Thomas Weston Frederick Butters 17th Earl of Derby
1929 Pennycomequick Henri Jelliss J Lawson 2nd Viscount Waldorf Astor
1930 Rose of England Gordon Richards Captain Thomas Hogg 1st Baron Glanely
1931 Brulette Edward Elliott F Carter C W Birkin
1932 Udaipur Michael Beary Frank Butters H H Aga Khan III
1933 Chatelaine Samuel Wragg Frederick Templeman E Thornton-Smith
1934 Light Brocade Bernard Carslake Frank Butters Lord Durham
1935 Quashed Henri Jelliss Colledge Leader Lord Stanley
1936 Lovely Rosa Thomas Weston Harry Cottrill Sir Abe Bailey
1937 Exhibitionnist Stephen Donoghue J Lawson Sir V Sassoon
1938 Rockfel Harry Wragg Captain Oswald Bell Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen
1939 Galatea II R A Jones Joseph Lawson R S Clark
1940 Godiva D Marks William Jarvis E Harmsworth
1941 Commotion Harry Wragg Frederick Darling John Dewar
1942 Sun Chariot Gordon Richards Frederick Darling H M The King
1943 Why Hurry Edward Elliott N Cannon J V Rank
1944 Hycilla G Bridgland Sir Cecil Boyd-Rochfort William Woodward
1945 Sun Stream Harry Wragg W Earl 17th Earl of Derby
1946 Steady Aim Harry Wragg Frank Butters Sir A Butt
1947 Imprudence W R Johnstone J Lieux Mme P Corbiere
1948 Masaka W Nevett Frank Butters H H Aga Khan III
1949 Musidora E Britt Capt Charles Elsey N Donaldson
1950 Asmena W R Johnstone C Semblat M Boussac
1951 Neasham Belle S Clayton G Brooke Maj L B Holliday
1952 Frieze E Britt Capt Charles Elsey A M Keith
1953 Ambiguity J Mercer R J Colling Lord Astor
1954 Sun Cap W R Johnstone R Carver Mme R Forget
1955 Meld W H Carr C Boyd-Rochfort Lady Z Wernher
1956 Sicarelle F Palmer F Mathet Mme L Volterra
1957 Carrozza L Piggott N Murless H M The Queen
1958 Bella Paola M Garcia F Mathet F Dupre
1959 Petite Etoile L Piggott N Murless Prince Aly Khan
1960 Never Too Late II R Poincelet E Pollet Mrs H E Jackson
1961 Sweet Solera W Rickaby Reginald Day Mrs S Castello
1962 Monade Y Saint-Martin J Lieux G Goulandris
1963 Noblesse G Bougoure P Prendergast Mrs J Olin
1964 Homeward Bound G Starkey J Oxley Sir F Robinson
1965 Long Look J Purtell M V O'Brien J C Brady
1966 Valoris L Piggott M V O'Brien C Clore
1967 Pia E Hide C Elsey Countess M Batthyany
1968 La Lagune G Thiboeuf F Boutin H Berlin
1969 Sleeping Partner J Gorton D Smith Lord Rosebery
1970 Lupe A Barclay N Murless Mrs S Joel
1971 Altesse Royale G Lewis N Murless F Hue-Williams
1972 Ginevra A Murray H R Price C St George
1973 Mysterious G Lewis N Murless G A Pope Jnr
1974 Polygamy P Eddery P Walwyn L Freedman
1975 Juliette Marny L Piggott J Tree Hon J Morrison
1976 Pawneese Y Saint Martin A Penna D Wildenstein
1977 Dunfermline W Carson W R Hern H M Queen
1978 Fair Salinia G Starkey M Stoute S Hanson
1979 Scintillate P Edery J Tree Hon J Morrison
1980 Bireme W Carson W R Hern R D Hollingsworth
1981 Blue Wind L Piggott D Weld Mrs B Firestone
1982 Time Charter W Newnes H Candy R Barnett
1983 Sun Princess W Carson W R Hern Sir M Sobell
1984 Circus Plume L Piggott J Dunlop Sir R McAlpine
1985 Oh So Sharp S Cauthen H Cecil Sheikh Mohammed
1986 Midway Lady R Cochrane B Hanbury H H Ranier
1987 Unite W R Swinburn M Stoute Sheikh Mohammed
1988 Diminuendo S Cauthen H Cecil Sheikh Mohammed
1989 Snow Bride S Cauthen H Cecil S Maktoum Al Maktoum
1990 Salsabil W Carson J Dunlop H Al Maktoum
1991 Jet Ski Lady C Roche J Bolger Maktoum Al Maktoum
1992 User Friendly G Duffield C Brittain W Gredley
1993 Intrepidity M Roberts A Fabre Sheikh Mohammed
1994 Balanchine L Dettori H Ibrahim M Al Maktoum/Godolphin
1995 Moonshell L Dettori S bin Suroor M Al Maktoum/Godolphin
1996 Lady Carla Pat Eddery H Cecil W Said
1997 Reams of Verse K Fallon H Cecil K Abdullah
1998 Shahtoush M J Kinane A P O'Brien Mrs D Nagle & Mrs J Magnier
1999 Ramruma K Fallon H Cecil HRH Fahd Salman
2000 Love Divine T Quinn H Cecil Lordship Stud
2001 Imagine M Kinane A P O'Brien Mrs D Nagle & Mrs J Magnier
2002 Kazzia L Dettori S bin Suroor Godolphin
2003 Casual Look Martin Dwyer A Balding W S Farish III
2004 Ouija Board K Fallon E Dunlop Lord Derby
2005 Eswarah R Hills M A Jarvis Hamdan Al Maktoum
2006 Alexandrova K Fallon A P O'Brien Mrs J Magnier & M Tabor
2007 Light Shift Ted Durcan H R A Cecil Niarchos Family
2008 Look Here S Sanders R Beckett J Richmond-Watson
2009 Sariska Jamie Spencer Michael Bell Lady Bamford
2010 Snow Fairy Ryan Moore Ed Dunlop Anamoine Ltd
2011 Dancing Rain J Murtagh William Haggas M J & L A Taylor
2012 Was S Heffernan A P O'Brien D Smith, Mrs J Magnier and M Tabor
2013 Talent Richard Hughes Ralph Beckett J C Rowsell & M H Dixon

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