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Solomon, Julius (1864 - 1945)

Breeder (B)

Associated Places:  Dublin


Julius Solomon, a Dublin moneylender, was breeder of Golden Miller, but somewhat by default. He took his horse's dam, probably as a debt settlement from her owner James Nugent, and 'left' the mare at the Irish Stud of Laurence Geraghty. After about a dozen years when no keep or stud fees of any kind had been paid, her carer quite rightly began to record himself as the breeder of her foals. However, when Golden Miller's older brother began winning, Mr Solomon came out of the woodwork and instructed Messrs Weatherby to record him as the breeder in the next stud book, and thereafter was able to bask in the reflected glory of Golden Miller, whose dam he had abandoned and whose matings had all been planned by Mr Geraghty.

Important successes:

Cheltenham Gold Cup
Golden Miller   1932   (B)
Golden Miller   1933   (B)
Golden Miller   1934   (B)
Golden Miller   1935   (B)
Golden Miller   1936   (B)
Grand National
Golden Miller   1934   (B)
Golden Miller   1934   (B)

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