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Briscoe, A Basil (1900 - 1951)

Basil Briscoe with Golden Miller
Basil Briscoe with Golden Miller
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Owner (O),  Trainer (T)

Also Known As:  Basil Briscoe

Associated Places:  Exning, Newmarket,Royston,Longstowe, Cambridgeshire


Basil Briscoe will always be remembered as the trainer who 'made' the superlative Chaser Golden Miller, who won four of his five Cheltenham Gold Cups and a Grand National under his care. He was also part owner of Elton, the 100/1 winner of the 1929 Lincolnshire Handicap, and part-owner and trainer of Commander III, winner of the 1935 Cambridgeshire, netting him £10,000 in bets and thus the means to get married.

Briscoe first ran a large mixed stable from his family home at Longstowe and later at Newmarket. It was he who found Golden Miller as a young horse and later encouraged the Hon Dorothy Paget to buy him. Nevertheless, after four Cheltenham Gold Cups and the 1934 Grand National, a debacle in the 1935 National (Golden Miller tried to refuse a fence and threw his jockey) led to a parting of the ways between trainer and owner. Briscoe was never quite the same man afterwards.


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