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Luscombe, Francis (1850 - 1926)

Francis Luscombe
Francis Luscombe
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Breeder (B),  Owner (O)

Associated Places:  Tilegate Forest Stud, Crawley, Sussex


Francis Luscombe, a great athlete in his earlier days, owned a stud in Sussex. His name will always be associated with father and son Marco and Marcovil, both winners of the Cambridgeshire. He had odds of 20/1 about the former and lit up a celebration cigar when the horse was half way between the Bushes and The Dip. He latter admitted to feeling nowhere near as confident as he acted. Francis Luscombe also owned and bred Sansovino, the 1905 Lincolnshire Handicap winner (not to be confused with Lord Derby's horse of the same name, successful at Epsom in 1924).

Important successes:

Other major race(s)
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Jockey Club Stakes  Beppo   1906   (B)
Hardwicke Stakes  Beppo   1907   (B)
Cambridgeshire Handicap  Marcovil   1908   (O)

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