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Aga Khan III (H H) (1877 - 1957)

H H   Aga Khan III leading in Bahram
H H Aga Khan III leading in Bahram
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Breeder (B),  Owner (O)

Also Known As:  Aga Sultan Sir Mahomed Shaix


The Aga Khan was leading owner on the British turf thirteen times and, in eight seasons, the leading breeder. He studied bloodstock breeding for nearly 20 years, and his knowledge combined with his fabulous wealth enabled him to found a racing empire which had no equal. However, to him this was no sport, but a hard-headed business in which sentiment played no part. Many of his best winners were sold abroad without compunction. Tulyar, his 1952 Classic success, was bred in partnership with his son, Prince Aly Khan.

In addition to his English Classic successes, the Aga Khan won two Ascot Gold Cups, two Prix de l'Arc de Triomphes, a Grand Prix de Paris and thirteen Irish classics.

The Aga Khan had succeeded his father Aly Shah as the Imam of the Ismaili sect of the Shia Muslims; his father had moved to Bombay during civil unrest in his own country. The Aga Khan raced throughout Western India and saw the Derby on his first visit to England, deciding to take up European racing via his friendship with Lord Wavertree. Intense study of racing in England and France was followed by the acquisition of yearlings on his behalf by Hon George Lambton, which, together with his studs in Ireland and France quickly became the largest racing empire of its period.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Diophon   1924   (O)
Bahram   1935   (O)
Bahram   1935   (B)
Palestine   1950   (B)
Palestine   1950   (O)
1000 Guineas
Rose Royale II   1957   (O)
Blenheim   1930   (O)
Bahram   1935   (B)
Bahram   1935   (O)
Mahmoud   1936   (B)
Mahmoud   1936   (O)
My Love   1948   (O)
Tulyar   1952   (B)
Tulyar   1952   (O)
Udaipur   1932   (B)
Udaipur   1932   (O)
Masaka   1948   (O)
Masaka   1948   (B)
St Leger
Salmon Trout   1924   (O)
Firdaussi   1932   (B)
Firdaussi   1932   (O)
Bahram   1935   (O)
Bahram   1935   (B)
Turkhan   1940   (O)
Tehran   1944   (O)
Tulyar   1952   (O)
Tulyar   1952   (B)
Other major race(s)
(featuring horses in this database)
Queen Mary Stakes, Ascot  Mumtaz Mahal   1923   (O)
Champagne Stakes, Doncaster  Mumtaz Mahal   1923   (O)
Nunthorpe Stakes, York  Mumtaz Mahal   1924   (O)
Coronation Stakes  Udaipur   1932   (B)
Coronation Stakes  Udaipur   1932   (O)
Jockey Club Stakes  Umidwar   1934   (B)
Champion Stakes  Umidwar   1934   (O)
Jockey Club Stakes  Umidwar   1934   (O)
Champion Stakes  Umidwar   1934   (B)
Dewhurst Stakes, Newmarket  Bala Hissar   1935   (B)
Dewhurst Stakes, Newmarket  Bala Hissar   1935   (O)

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