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Taylor, Alec (1862 - 1943)

Alec Taylor
Alec Taylor
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Trainer (T)

Also Known As:  The Wizard of Manton

Associated Places:  Manton, Wiltshire


Son of Alec Taylor Senior, and known in his early days as 'Young Alec' and later as 'The Wizard of Manton'. Alec Taylor won 21 Classics and a dozen trainer's championships. He trained a legion of top class performers and his ability to give every horse time to mature was the key to his success in their classic seasons and beyond. Dignified, well-dressed and well-respected, Alec Taylor led a simple life and rarely wagered. He died a rich man.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Kennymore   1914   (T)
Gay Crusader   1917   (T)
Gainsborough   1918   (T)
Craig an Eran   1921   (T)
1000 Guineas
Saucy Sue   1925   (T)
Lemberg   1910   (T)
Gay Crusader   1917   (T)
Gainsborough   1918   (T)
Rosedrop   1910   (T)
Sunny Jane   1917   (T)
My Dear   1918   (T)
Bayuda   1919   (T)
Love in Idleness   1921   (T)
Pogrom   1922   (T)
Saucy Sue   1925   (T)
Short Story   1926   (T)
St Leger
Challacombe   1905   (T)
Bayardo   1909   (T)
Gay Crusader   1917   (T)
Gainsborough   1918   (T)
Book Law   1927   (T)
Other major race(s)
(featuring horses in this database)
Ascot Gold Cup  Bayardo   1909   (T)
Eclipse Stakes  Bayardo   1910   (T)
Ascot Gold Cup  Gainsborough   1918   (T)
Eclipse Stakes, Sandown  Buchan   1919   (T)
Doncaster Cup  Buchan   1920   (T)
Eclipse Stakes  Buchan   1920   (T)
Eclipse Stakes  Craig an Eran   1921   (T)
Middle Park Stakes, Newmarket  Picaroon   1924   (T)
Champion Stakes, Newmarket  Picaroon   1925   (T)
Alec Taylor
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Alec Taylor
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