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Lambton, George (Hon) (1860 - 1945)

Hon George Lambton
Hon George Lambton
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Trainer (T),  Jockey (J)

Associated Places:  Bedford Lodge, Newmarket,Stanley House, Newmarket,Kremlin House, Newmarket


Never in the best of health owing to a crashing fall in a steeplechase in 1892, George Lambton (the fifth son of the 2nd Earl of Durham) became private trainer to the 16th Earl of Derby at Bedford Lodge, Newmarket a year later. Good looking, beautifully dressed and an equal friend to racing's aristocracy and the lads in his yard, George Lambton was leading trainer in 1906, 1911 and 1912. Canterbury Pilgrim was his first Classic success.

Following a virus outbreak, Lord Derby built the beautiful Stanley House yard in 1903, from whence emerged Keystone II. Here Lambton was able to prove to the Jockey Club that horses were, for the first time in England, being doped to win, by arranging his own demonstration.

George Lambton won the St Leger with Swynford in 1910, for the 17th Earl of Derby, who reduced his string during the war and invited other owners to join his horses at Stanley House, including Sir Edgar Vincent, owner of Diadem. Lambton retired in 1926 to become Lord Derby's racing manager but from 1930 combined this with becoming trainer as well. Three years later he won the Derby and the St Leger with the wonderful Hyperion, was retired by Lord Derby and set up his own public stable at Kremlin House, actually retiring only two days before his death.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Colorado   1926   (T)
1000 Guineas
Canyon   1916   (T)
Diadem   1917   (T)
Ferry   1918   (T)
Tranquil   1923   (T)
Tranquil   1923   (T)
Sansovino   1924   (T)
Hyperion   1933   (T)
Canterbury Pilgrim   1896   (T)
Keystone II   1906   (T)
St Leger
Swynford   1910   (T)
Keysoe   1919   (T)
Tranquil   1923   (T)
Tranquil   1923   (T)
Hyperion   1933   (T)
Other major race(s)
(featuring horses in this database)
Jockey Club Cup  Canterbury Pilgrim   1896   (T)
Gimcrack Stakes  Chaucer   1902   (T)
Liverpool Summer Cup  Chaucer   1906   (T)
Eclipse Stakes, Sandown Park  Swynford   1911   (T)
Park Hill Stakes, Doncaster  Selene   1922   (T)
Hon George Lambton with Hyperion and Tommy Weston
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Hon George Lambton
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