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The Tetrarch

Foaled: 1911    Died: 1935
Sire: Roi Herode    Dam: Vahren
Dam Sire: Bona Vista    Sex: Horse
Colour: Grey   


Edward Kennedy


Henry Seymour Persse


Major Dermot Hugh Bingham McCalmont
The Tetrarch at 2 yo
The Tetrarch at 2 yo
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1913  Coventry Stakes, Royal Ascot   Stephen Donoghue
1913  Champagne Stakes, Doncaster   Stephen Donoghue


Known as 'The Rocking Horse' or 'The Spotted Wonder', this colt was a phenomonen. When a propsective buyer looked him over at Henry Persse's yard, he said he planned 'to cut him and turn him away, he might make a good steeplechaser one day.' The sale did not take place and instead Atty Persse passed him to his cousin, Dermot McCalmont.

The Tetrarch has been voted the two-year-old of his century, and the words of his rider and trainer best describe the horse. Stephen Donoghue said, 'To be on him was like riding a creature that combined the power of an elephant with the speed of a greyhound.' Atty Persse said 'I don't think he would ever have been beaten, over any distance. He was a freak and there will never be another like him.'

The Tetrarch was injured at the end of his two-year-old days and never raced again. At stud he was the shyest of breeders, just not interested! He sired only 130 foals in his lifetime, but 80 winners including a 2000 Guineas victor and three who were home first in the St Leger. As he grew older, his spots joined up.
The Tetrarch
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