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Foaled: 1930    Died: 1960
Sire: Gainsborough    Dam: Selene
Dam Sire: Chaucer    Sex: Horse
Colour: Chesnut   


17th Earl of Derby


Colledge Leader
Hon George Lambton


17th Earl of Derby
Hyperion in training with George Lambton and Tommy Weston
Hyperion in training with George Lambton and Tommy Weston
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Dates & jockeys of important wins:

1933  Thomas Weston
St Leger
1933  Thomas Weston


This bonny little chesnut colt is still a household name in racing, and his statue stands in the forecourt of the Jockey Club in Newmarket. Winner of 9 of his 13 races, he followed his wonderful career on the turf by becoming the leading British-bred sire of the 20th century. Champion six times, he would have had even more influence had the peak of his stud career not coincided with the war. His progeny include Godiva, Sun Chariot, Sun Steam, Hypericum, Owen Tudor, Hycilla, Sun Castle and Aureole. His descendants have had an impact on the breed in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, the Argentine and South Africa.

Hyperion was a small horse, only 15 hands high. He was indolent by nature and responded to firm treatment. Hyperion liked to stand and stare, especially at aeroplanes, and could not abide having his teeth rasped or a dose of medicine.

The photograph shows Hyperion in training at Stanley House with his Trainer Hon George Lambton and his jockey Thomas Weston.

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