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Cannon Snr, Thomas (1846 - 1917)

Trainer (T),  Jockey (J)

Also Known As:  Tom Cannon

Associated Places:  Danebury, Wiltshire; Kingsclere, Berks; Stockbridge, Wilts


Well able to hold his own with the top riders of his day (the likes of George Fordham and Frederick Archer), Tom Cannon had his first mount - a faller - at the age of 14. Within the week he had steered home his first winner. The son of a Windsor horse-dealer, he was a beautiful horseman with the lightest of hands and fillies ran particularly well for him. Not many of that sex are successful in the 2000 Guineas or the Derby, but Pilgrimage and Shotover were two who did so.

Cannon was associated with the stables of John Day (whose daughter he married) and also the yards of John Porter and James Ryan. He later took up training, sending out a large mixed string from his father-in-law's stables. he tutored a number of successful jockeys, including his sons Kempton and Mornington. In time he became Clerk of the Course at Stockbridge and subsequently purchased an inn in the town before he died. Margaret, his daughter, became the grandmother of Lester Piggott.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Pilgrimage   1878   (J)
Shotover   1882   (J)
Enterprise   1887   (J)
Enthusiast   1889   (J)
1000 Guineas
Repulse   1866   (J)
Pilgrimage   1878   (J)
Busybody   1884   (T)
Busybody   1884   (J)
Shotover   1882   (J)
Brigantine   1869   (J)
Marie Stuart   1873   (J)
Geheimniss   1882   (J)
Busybody   1884   (T)
Busybody   1884   (J)
St Leger
Robert the Devil   1880   (J)

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