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Coventry William (9th Earl of) (1838 - 1930)

Breeder (B),  Owner (O)

Also Known As:  Lord Coventry, George William Coventry

Associated Places:  Croome Court, Worcester


Lord Coventry, who died in 1930 at the age of 92, enjoyed life to the end of his days. His own father died when he was only six months old and he succeeded his grandfather as 9th Earl aged only five. As a small boy he was befriended by the Duke of Wellington and each Sunday they would walk together after attending chapel.

Lord Coventry was educated at Eton and Oxford and registered his racing colours in 1858. Amongst his best horses on the Flat were Verdict (Cambridgeshire Handicap and Coronation Cup) and Thalestris, a very good-looking mare who won the Cesarewitch. In contrast, his two Grand National winners, the full sisters Emblem and Emblematic, were absolute weeds!

Lord Coventry stipulated a simple funeral in his will, with no hearse, no mourning coach and no flowers. He was buried at Croome Church together with his wife, who died three days after her husband.

Important successes:

Grand National
Emblem   1863   (O)
Emblematic   1864   (O)
Other major race(s)
(featuring horses in this database)
Cambridgeshire Handicap  Verdict   1923   (O)
Cambridgeshire Handicap  Verdict   1923   (B)
Coronation Cup  Verdict   1924   (O)
Coronation Cup  Verdict   1924   (B)

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