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Reiff, Lester (1875 - )

Lester Reiff
Lester Reiff
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Jockey (J)


Lester and John Reiff came to England from the United States to ride for a group of American gamblers and their trainers, principally Enoch Wishard. Like their employers, they were unscrupulous and knowingly involved in the then new (and hence within the rules) habit of doping horses to win. Nevertheless Lester had undoubted talent and was much in demand - in 1900 he rode 143 winners and thus became champion jockey. His riding of Mr William Whitney's Volodyovski to win the 1901 Derby came at a time when he was already under scrutiny by the Jockey Club and when he rode for the same owner at Manchester later that year the Stewards felt that he had allowed his brother John to win. His licence was withdrawn and he was warned off.

The doping activities of the group were proved by experiment by Hon George Lambton and quickly made outside the Rules. The cabal simply moved to France and repeated their successes there.

Important successes:

Volodyovski   1901   (J)
Lester Reiff on George H Ketcham
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