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Lonsdale (6th Earl of) (1857 - 1944)

6th Earl of   Lonsdale
6th Earl of Lonsdale
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Owner (O)

Also Known As:  Hugh Cecil Lowther; The Yellow Earl; The Sporting Earl; Lordy

Associated Places:  Lowther Castle, Penrith, Cumberland; Barleythorpe, Oakham, Rutland


The public adored the flamboyant Earl of Lonsdale, who succeeeded to his title in 1882. His yellow coach and yellow liveried coachmen were wildly applauded each year as they crossed the course at Epsom for the Derby. The Earl never won this Classic but his Royal Lancer was the 33/1 winner of the St Leger in 1922.

The Earl had excelled in his youth at athletics, shooting, boxing, yachting and hunting. His espousal of boxing is well-known, and he made it more respectable and presented the Lonsdale belts. He became the best-known figure on the racecourse after the Prince of Wales.

However as one of the richest men in England, with an income of £100,000 p.a. (the equivalent of £4.7m today) his spending knew no bounds. His cigars were specially made at a cost of £3,000 per year. When he travelled, a second first class carriage was always booked for his dogs. However he did not bet, after losing £18,000 at a game of cards at Newmarket. He also had relatively few horses in training. He certainly enjoyed his life - his catchphrase was 'It's all such lovely fun'.

Important successes:

St Leger
Royal Lancer   1922   (O)
Other major race(s)
(featuring horses in this database)
Champagne Stakes, Doncaster  Myrobella   1932   (O)
King George Stakes, Goodwood  Myrobella   1933   (O)
Challenge Stakes, Newmarket  Myrobella   1933   (O)

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