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Wragg, Harry (1902 - 1985)

Trainer (T),  Jockey (J)

Also Known As:  The Head Waiter

Associated Places:  Abington Place, Newmarket


Harry Wragg had a career as a jockey for 27 years, during which time he won 13 Classics. He could time his challenge to perfection, earning him the nickname of 'The Head Waiter'. He was champion in 1941.

Not only a great jockey, Harry Wragg became a great trainer as well, and an innovator of running horses abroad and of timing gallops.

Harry Wragg was apprenticed to Robert Weston Colling at Bedford Lodge, Newmarket. He received mounts from many important owners, including King George V, and was retained by Mr Solomon Barnato Joel in 1926. He then became first jockey for Captain Oswald Bell at Lambourn, combining this with a retainer from the 5th Earl of Rosebery and other patrons of John Layton Jarvis's stable. He later rode for Frederick Darling when Gordon Richards broke his leg in 1941. In 1942 Wragg became first jockey to the 17th Earl of Derby, for whom he won six Classics in four seasons.

Wragg became a trainer in 1947, winning for the likes of HH Aga Khan III and Mr R More O'Ferrall.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Garden Path   1944   (J)
Darius   1954   (T)
1000 Guineas
Campanula   1934   (J)
Herringbone   1943   (J)
Sun Stream   1945   (J)
Abermaid   1962   (T)
Full Dress II   1969   (T)
Felstead   1928   (J)
Blenheim   1930   (J)
Watling Street   1942   (J)
Psidium   1961   (T)
Rockfel   1938   (J)
Commotion   1941   (J)
Sun Stream   1945   (J)
Steady Aim   1946   (J)
St Leger
Sandwich   1931   (J)
Herringbone   1943   (J)
Intermezzo   1969   (T)
Other major race(s)
(featuring horses in this database)
Coronation Cup  King Salmon   1934   (J)
Eclipse Stakes, Sandown Park  King Salmon   1934   (J)

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