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Alington, Henry Gerard Sturt (1st Baron) (1825 - 1904)

1st Baron Henry Alington
1st Baron Henry Alington
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Breeder (B),  Owner (O)

Associated Places:  Crichel, Wimborne, Dorset


Lord Alington (who was raised to the peerage in 1876) was a Jockey Club member for over 50 years. He prefered to race in a partnership (known at the time as a federacy), and while his horses were at the Days' at Danebury he joined forces with Sir Frederic Johnstone. Although they usually only had seven or eight mares at a time, their partnership - known as 'The Old Firm - was highly successful. In 1881 they transferred their horses to John Porter at Kingsclere.

Lord Alington was MP for Dorchester and was dubbed by Disraeli as 'the Champagne of the House' due to his wit and geniality.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Common   1891   (O)
Common   1891   (B)
St Blaise   1883   (O)
St Blaise   1883   (B)
Common   1891   (O)
Common   1891   (B)
Brigantine   1869   (O)
St Leger
Common   1891   (O)
Common   1891   (B)
Throstle   1894   (B)
Throstle   1894   (O)
1st Baron Henry Alington
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