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Wells, John (1833 - 1873)

John Wells
John Wells
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Jockey (J)

Also Known As:  Tiny Wells, Brusher Wells

Associated Places:  Sutton Coldfield, Warks,Cannons Heath, nr Kingsclere, Berks


John Wells was born on Christmas Day at Sutton Coldfield in Warwickshire. As an apprentice, he was so small that he was known as 'Tiny', and the name stayed with him even when he was eventually one of the tallest jockeys riding. The origins of his other nickname, 'Brusher', are obscure.

John Wells headed the list of jockeys in 1853 with 86 winners including his first Classic, of which he was to win eight altogether. He was associated with the successes of owner Sir Joseph Hawley under trainers George Manning and John Porter - after Blue Gown's Derby win Sir Joesph gave Wells all the £6,800 prize money.

Although style was not his forte, Wells was obedient and absolutely honest. Like some other jockeys, he had trouble with his weight, and his health was so undermined that he died at the early age of 39. He was an eccentric dresser, favouring tartan suits, red slippers and feathered hats. He married a daughter of the trainer Thomas Taylor.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Fitz-Roland   1858   (J)
1000 Guineas
Virago   1854   (J)
Tomato   1864   (J)
Beadsman   1858   (J)
Musjid   1859   (J)
Blue Gown   1868   (J)
St Leger
Saucebox   1855   (J)
Pero Gomez   1869   (J)

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