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Ellesmere (3rd Earl of) (1847 - 1914)

3rd Earl of  Ellesmere
3rd Earl of Ellesmere
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Breeder (B),  Owner (O)

Also Known As:  Francis Charles Granville Egerton, Lord Ellesmere

Associated Places:  Stetchworth Park, Newmarket,Manor House, Brackley, Northamptonshire,Egerton House, Newmarket


Lord Ellesmere owned estates in Manchester and Northampton and in addition to his interest in racing was a successful breeder of shire horses and sheep. He owned the good sire Hampton for the last of his racing days and for his stud career at Stetchworth Park. The horse earned so much in fees that Lord Ellesmere used the money to create the most fabulous stables in Newmarket at Egerton House and leased the yard to Richard Marsh, the royal trainer. Lord Ellesmere never owned a Classic winner, but his horses, prepared by Charles Archer and John Dawson Jnr, won good races and included King's Courier (Jockey Club Cup), Lowland Chief (Portland Handicap) and Highland Chief (runner up in the 1882 Derby). His son the 4th Earl inherited his interests.


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