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Jones, Herbert (1881 - 1951)

Herbert Jones
Herbert Jones
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Jockey (J)


Son of the jumping trainer Jack Jones, young Herbert was apprenticed to Richard Marsh at the age of ten and rode his first winner in 1896. He was the work rider for the temperamental Diamond Jubilee and it was noted that this wayward colt went better for him than for any more established jockey. Hence the young man got his chance and won the Triple Crown on the Prince of Wales's horse.

When the royal jockey John Watts retired, Herbert Jones took his place, and won the Derby on Minoru for Edward VII. He retired in 1923.

Richard Marsh wrote, 'A better servant no man ever had, and a straighter or more honest jockey never got on a horse'.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Diamond Jubilee   1900   (J)
Vedas   1905   (J)
Gorgos   1906   (J)
Minoru   1909   (J)
Diamond Jubilee   1900   (J)
Minoru   1909   (J)
Cherry Lass   1905   (J)
St Leger
Diamond Jubilee   1900   (J)
Other major race(s)
(featuring horses in this database)
Coronation Stakes  Winkipop   1910   (J)
Sussex Stakes, Goodwood  Winkipop   1910   (J)
Herbert Jones
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Herbert Jones on Minoru
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