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Osborne, John Howe (1833 - 1922)

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Trainer (T),  Jockey (J)

Also Known As:  John Osborne Jr

Associated Places:  Brecongill, Yorkshire,Ashgill Stable, Middleham, Yorkshire


John Osborne, the Northern jockey, rode for 46 years and also helped his brothers with their training duties. He was highly popular and very successful, and led a straight-forward life devoted to horses.

Throughout he was associated with the Ashgill Stable at Middleham, where he trained with his brothers William and Robert from 1865. He also rode for Thomas Dawson at Middleham and his brother Joseph Dawson at Newmarket. He achieved 12 Classic wins, including two on Apology.

In 1894 Osborne took over his brothers' yard at Brecongill where he trained with some success with handicaps but no Classics. He had ten sons and three daughters. On his retirement, John Osborne received a cheque for 3,600 guineas raised by a nation-wide testimonial fund. He continued to work ride on Middleham Moor well into his eighties.

Important successes:

2000 Guineas
Vedette   1857   (J)
Pretender   1869   (J)
Bothwell   1871   (J)
Prince Charlie   1872   (J)
Camballo   1875   (J)
Ayrshire   1888   (J)
1000 Guineas
Manganese   1856   (J)
Apology   1874   (J)
Pretender   1869   (J)
Apology   1874   (J)
St Leger
Lord Clifden   1863   (J)
Apology   1874   (J)
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